A Life with Books

I’ve got too many goddamn books.

I have always been known a bookworm, and libraries and bookstore have always been my favorite places to be. My biggest problem is getting too many books, buying them and not reading them months or years later. While this is not a problem with bookstore, libraries have always expected their books to be returned in a timely fashion. I’ve always had problems with fines, often running into $10 or so.

It took me a while to realize that many scholarly tomes are best read in a piecemeal fashion, rather than in a page-by-page manner. More depressingly, it’s better to go in-depth with a few subjects rather  broadly with many subjects. The age of polymaths, even in an amateur fashion, has long pasted.

I also have an imbalance in my reading. I love any non-fiction books – histories, science, etc. I have even found reading grammar books to be interesting (yet I don’t have much aptitude in learning languages – I’m not that good a memorizer). Yet my fiction reading has atrophied over the years. The most recent fiction I’ve read was the collected original Sherlock Holmes stories – and I still haven’t finished them! Like Bart Simpson, I think TV has ruined my imagination. Maybe I just find it had to “see” the actions described in the books. I found similar trouble when reading military history and its description of battles.


Author: Christophorus Hieronymus

29 year old Computer Science graduate student, lover of books.